Thursday, March 6, 2014

Emma on the Moon

Emma on the Moon

One day Emma climbs on her tricycle
and rides it up the biggest slide in the world.

The slide goes up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up
Over the trees and through the  clouds. She almost gets hit by a falling star.

She rides so high, she goes up to the moon.

Oops! She forgot her space suit, the kind that astronauts wear
so she floats in the air

doing somersaults with her tricycle
like a circus performer.

And then oops! again, she lets go of the handlebars and her tricycle floats off
But she doesn’t fall and hurt her knee, she just floats some more.

After all that riding, Emma’s hungry, so she searches far and wide
for her snack that was in her tricycle basket. Ah, ha!

The paper bag is starting to open, but she captures it
Just in time!

She wants some juice but she wonders what will happen if  she pours it
if it will float. It does, so she laps it up from the air, like a kitty cat.

Then she wants to play, so she swims through the moon-air
looking for other kids.

But all she finds is the other side of the moon.
It’s dark and cold there. She shivers and wished she brought a sweater.

She misses her brother, Connor.
And she misses her dad and mother.

She tries hard not to cry.
Emma doesn’t cry!

Then she feels sleepy.
On the moon, you never have to go to bed. The air is your bed.
She closes her eyes and takes a little rest.

When she wakes up, she swims back to the other side of the moon
where she finds her trike waiting for her by the slide in the sky.

And, whee! she rides down the slide
past the clouds and the trees
and lands in her own backyard.

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